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There are ways to fight Alzheimers,  forgetfulness,  and brain injuries   that are more holistic than the average treatment. 

NOTE:   I”m not saying, don’t go to the doctor nor am I saying don’t get treated.  I’m saying there’s a thing or a way that really helps these problems (the memory problems) and the ways don’t usually have any bad side effects.

DISCLAIMER:   Look if you have medical problems seek a doctor and if you have emotional problems , seek a professional.

And along with that, add practical tools and aids that help you to heal on a daily basis.

Think about this ?

A  computer  or a good smart phone holds , probably ,  billions of bits of information , including schedules, address books and other things.   It holds planners and reminders and alarms also.     So really think on this one.
If someone has a really bad memory, or even the mild beginning stages of Alzheimers, or brain injury , the forgetfulness parts of these medical problems, what is to stop the person from using a computer to remind them of everything?

Someone who has no short term or either long term memory, can keep on refreshing their memory by looking at photographs, and by listening to music and by using all the good things that a computer has .

You can renew your memory every single day or a ton of times each day.    You can put all your memories into the computer, or have a  trusted family member enter everything into the computer.    In fact, you can do that for yourself — before the fact.      Long before you ever need any memory helps or memory aids, why not program your laptop and your smart phone and your alexis  to have all the memories that you need?

You can use your blog and your blog storage to store favorite images .    You can browse the images on a daily basis for anything you wish to keep on remembering.

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You can schedule in dates and times and appointments.   You can schedule in whole lifetimes since there are computers out there that hold even terrabytes of information.

So using the laptop, along with an ironman alarm watch, and along with some other things, most average person(s), with slightly failing memory can pretty much not miss out on life.


For Alzheimers’ patients, they can have whole albums of photographs  , largely labeled with names and information.   And the patient can look through these photographs every single day or every hour if need be -to be reminded who who’s who.

What other things help?      Having less stress helps improve your memory.     So, if you can safely take a nice yoga course, or breathing course (ask your doctors), you might be able to improve your memory by doing some kinds of exercises.


screenshot_2018-12-23-17-32-01969993402.pngYou can use any of these helpful things , also combined with  security tools like THE RING.   And the Ring safety and security cameras, doorbells, can keep the person safe in their own home.     Family members can see every person that comes to the door and they can actually virtually interact through the microphone and the system that The Ring runs on.


Now, I’m not saying ditch your treatments.    All I’m saying is that perhaps you might want to talk to your doctors and to all family members  and figure out how these modern tools of communication can help you heal, and help you remember.

One step at a time, one day at a time, the correct system , with the correct tools, and the correct internet connectiveness can change your world for the better.    And now they have things like the Grandpad , special for seniors (expensive but if that works for you then that works for you).

Unfill your life, enjoy the small things.       Unclutter your life.    Silly as this sounds, getting rid of things helps to improve your memory.   Keep only those things around you that are helpful, useful and keep those things that you know make a difference in your life.     Got extra clutter?   Just ditch it.   You can have a friend help you sort out things or have a family member  help sort out things.

Just consider these tools necessities rather than luxuries , correct?

There are hundreds of ways to help improve your memory and in this entry– these are only a few of the ways.    Love to hear what helps you when it comes to remembering things.

I’d like to see everyone write an entry and tell everyone else what kind of tools you use to help your memory.    Up for that?



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