Be A Journalist, Not A Gossip!

Journalists —   Protection of the child victims, of the witnesses is most important.  And here’s a short clip that gives you an idea of what you might want to do.

Though, as I hear the clip, I’m thinking that I would protect a child witness better than that. If you show the child’s eyes, that’s not protecting that child.     Showing the feet, possibly, yes, showing a shadow picture, yes.  Protect the location of where you are taking the picture if you are taking the picture in a private residence or in a place that is recognizable.

Investigative Journalist clip Protect the Child Witness


You can show shadow clips of the feet, legs  – if they are not recognizable.  Think first , before you shoot the pictures.    Label your pictures in code -by numbers rather than by names or addresses.     Have a separate notebook and if at all possible, don’t enter the data online through a computer.

emptyfilm canisters
Ah, remember film?

Sounds complicated and difficult, correct?   Well, heck, that’s your job to be protective of the victims, of witnesses, first — before anything.   While you want to bring the story out to the public, you are not there to put victims, targets or witnesses in danger.

Thank  you  for reading, and for protecting those child witnesses, targets and victims.

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