Author, Publisher or Writer?

Are You An Author,  Publisher  or  Writer?

It all depends on how you look at things.     All of them are writers.  Some of them are authors, and not all are publishers.

For the most part, I’ve been writing since I was a child.    In my life, I was harshly reminded that I wasn’t supposed to speak.   I wasn’t  supposed to say certain words.  I wasn’t supposed to talk about certain things.

But nobody told me that I couldn’t write, and so I did.   As a child, I became a writer.

And, apparently my writing impressed some, as I got away with not reading the ‘required reading’ simply because I could write enough to convince them that I had, indeed, read the book.   (But I didn’t.   Smiles).

There were so many times, that I wrote.   And I wrote, without being published.   I’m not exactly sure how one defines an ‘author’.  But isn’t that one who writes?


The perks of being unpublished is that you can pretty much write what you want to write and you can choose the words that you want — without anyone standing beside you or behind you saying, “Change that, remove that.  Take that out of there.  Make that first and the other last”.   (That’s editing as you get ready to mainstream publish).

Now the perks of actually being mainstreamed published is that after you alter and change your writing to the way that the editor and or proofreader and or publisher wants it changed   , you get the dough.   After all, that’s hard work.

So, to me, though I really can use the dough, for sure, I much rather like the craft of writing, writing my heart out, and seeing my words on paper or on the computer screen.  

And  I’ve read dream stories of ‘vanity’ published writers becoming best sellers.  Actually,   “self-publishers” becoming best sellers. 

Who doesn’t remember the series  “CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL”?    Those authors begin in the self-publishing business.  They wrote their original books,  LIFE 101 and a couple of other ones , as self-published books.  And then eventually, they become the solid stock on all the major bookstores and they are all over the libraries.  Now that’s a good dream .  And they are making the bucks, too.

Now , you can try the in-between road.   You can be a stringer for a local newspaper.   So then you have some choices.   They call you for an assignment, and you say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the assignment.  Now they are not usually major assignments but they are still, ‘assignments”.   So, there you have your in-between.   You can see your work published, because after all, if they give you the assignment, they surely want to publish it.

For  Now,   It Is  My Choice To  Write For Free

And the reason is because my life is too busy, too filled with major to-do lists that I can not seem to find the time to pursue my writing goals, those long-term goals.  And for the moment, my writing is my voice.

And to me, a voice is very important.     If I turn and try to write for money, then the voice is no longer mine.  But the voice will be controlled by sponsors and by editors and perhaps, by the mainstream publisher.

And yes, in the past, I have tried my hand at being mainstream published.  And yes, there was somewhat of a long -waiting period.   Interesting rejection slip though.    And yes, I had the intention of immediately  packing up the manuscript and sending it out to the next publisher on the list — except….yes, except ,   life happened.   And the life that happened was so overwhelming that tentslide


that just really stopped me on a dime .  And I pretty much stopped everything, including writing, including the long term goal of being mainstream published.

Long story in between, but I was in the throngs of being bullied, and stalked, and then bullied again, and stalked again.  I felt like a Duncan yoyo with no control over the dang string.   So , I stopped thinking about long term goals of being mainstream published.

In between all that ,  I  wrote articles online just because I wasn’t able to sleep properly.

At one time, one or two of my articles was picked up by another magazine.

But through the bullying and through the pain, I kept on writing.     And at one point, the bully had found out that I wanted to be a writer.   The person (the bully) began needling me and making fun of me , worse, just about the fact that I didn’t write and that I’d never be published.  Yes, that really got to me.  Hey, what can I say, I am a sensitive person.  (And that’s a good thing!).

So , I wrote this one little book,  just to prove to myself,  (not to the bully) that I would be published.     No, it wasn’t mainstream published.   But it was my little book and it did actually get published.   And then, life kept on happening, over and over.

So, I stopped the dream again, and decided to just keep on writing.       In one of my schools, I won Highest Honors for Non-Fiction Writing.    But, my dream , again is on hold.


This is way too long.  Smiles.   But there’s so much more to the story.   Perhaps some other time, correct?


I’ll stop here, for now.

This   Is   The   End   Of   This   Entry


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