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Read the Bible; Good Information


There are so many ways to heal a spirit, a human being,  some more effective than others.    Nobody can tell anyone else what to do, however,  there are ideas, helpful hints, suggestions,  creative ways to adjust one’s moments or days to something more beautiful .  

These are some ways, some ways to begin healing, to begin climbing out of the past ditch and to begin bringing yourself into your most   beautiful, creative and positive present moment.    Your suggestions and ideas can only add to this entry and so, look for the place to post a comment or two. 

  1. First task is awareness.   One can not heal unless one understands, or remembers or knows what  one is  trying to heal from.   So,  become aware, but stay aware.

  2. Actually, I have not written any of  these in order, so read  them all and then re-prioritize them for yourself.      2.   Assemble the tools for healing.    (Know the tools for healing).

  3. Make a to-do list and make sure that at least some of your tools for healing are on that day’s to-do list.   The only way this gets done is if you remember to do it and if your priorities are on your to-do list.

  4. I’ve had good success, making progress when  I use prayer as the first tool.   After all, prayer does change things – for the better, eventually.

  5. I’ll write an entry about one of the tools (in more depth) , this one “association” .  association  and re-assigning associations is probably one of the best and most important tools you can use to bring healing to yourself.


This is just a beginning.     What’s your beginning?

Almost every physical problem, first, stems from something emotional or spiritual.

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And that’s probably why there is such a huge difference in how some people heal, and some people don’t heal and so on and so on.    Everything comes from emotions or from either lack of spirituality or an overabundance of spirituality.

So, it really makes sense when one is seeking physical healing that one incorporates other things, other ideas, and other processes besides just ‘medicine’ as the modern world knows medicine .

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