How Many Horses Today?

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As I  Begin This, I’m Not Sure of My Topic.

So, I’ll begin with a photograph that I took, below ..

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This Is The Story Of The 

“Two-Horse Day”

For my own purposes, I’ve always viewed horses as strength, and as gentleness at the same time.    I’ve connected horses with power, and elegance.   And I’ve loved horses, real and fake, figurines and toys, mostly any kind of horses.

That is the picture of one of our horses.   He’s no longer around as he got all tied up into weather and then, mysteriously, disappeared.    And his story is quite interesting.   I don’t know where he was before I located him in the thrift store.  I went in just to browse, not looking for horses.   And there was this horse, kind of a paper mache but stronger material.  And I, jokingly ,  asked what price?    Long story short, I got a good deal on him and I took him home that day.   There he is in the snow, months later.

The  Two-Horse Day

On that same day, a neighbor came to me and asked if I wanted something; it seemed to be a ashtray.   Smiles, I don’t smoke but I looked at it and it had the most beautiful horse on it.  And, so , of course, I said, “YES”!    And then I blurted out, “WOW, this is a two-horse day”.   This was the first time that I ever received two horses in one day and that just made me smile.

I’ve Been Riding ..

I’ve been riding, in my lifetime.    First ride, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY  USA, and then later on near Queens, in that stable that is just off the Belt Parkway.  And been riding in Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island, NY USA — back in a time when there were still horses in Clove Lakes Park.   And I’ve been riding out in Pennsylvania, -that was my first time riding in the snow.  We even crossed this tiny, tiny stream, in the snow.    And I’ve been riding in Upstate New York, in Wallkill, at the Sunnycroft Ponderosa Ranch.   And that, sadly, does not exist any longer.   I loved being with horses and loved riding horses.

As Many Interesting Stories as There are Stables

But, today, I’m mot here to tell stories , just hear to tell you about the horses .  Yes, I love horses.


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This Is The End Of This Entry 












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