Would That Solve All World Problems?

Few Days Ago, I   Found A Good Website..

It is at youtube and the person that does the videos there is called,  Dr. Carol  .  I’ll put a link below to the videos.

What I Liked Most About the Videos

is that the conversation is just that, a conversation tone.  There’s no condescending.   And there’s lots to learn , and lots to re-remember.     (Some of the things in the videos you may have heard of, but then in some of the videos, there is new information).

Whether you’ve heard these things or not, if you keep on listening, you probably would find some ‘new’ information or ideas that need to be rekindled.

And, They Are Free Videos At this Site

At the links below there are two videos, one about Medicaid and health care and the other link is about   Beating the Holiday Blues  (that’s a series, and you can find the other Holiday videos at the same you  t u be website.

NOTE:  All videos are different .  This particular one is about health care and government and Medicaid and related topics.     She has other videos on topics of bullying awareness, and others on relationships, and others on dealing with toxic people.   She seems to cover life issues, and life problems, health, safety and sanity.   The video below is someone else’s site  (someone named Dr Burgess),  the other videos are at a site called

The Health Care and Medicaid Video  

Listen with an open mind.   Take what interests you and leave the rest .    I have not listened to this entire video -just to the beginning to the middle of it.    I am going to try to find Dr Carol’s direct link and will post it below  and I might make a separate entry on Dr Carol’s site.  The link below is

to a video called

 Beating the Holiday Blues


End of this entry  


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