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First, the slide show is here with some of the pictures.   I’ll post the regular photos later on in the post, in case you can not see the slide show. 

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It was so hot that day and we did lots of walking around in the Botanic Gardens.

 The Chili Pepper Fiesta was fabulous.    Ahh, and we got to hear the Steel Drums band.   The goldfish pond (probably not pictured there) is so beautiful.      That was the day we got tattoos of the temporary kind.   Everyone who went to the Chili Pepper Fiesta that year got free Chili Pepper tattoos .

The fun part was the music and the Latin Dancing.  (I did not dance but I watched everyone else).   Smiles,  I didn’t find pictures of the fun parts like the dancing and the ice cream chopsticks .     I’m wondering if anyone else has pictures of those.

Besides all that, there were displays of chili pepper people.   Some craftsy person made chili pepper sculptures – making the chili peppers look like people.   And then there was the distribution of the chili pepper powder, so you can make your own spicey meals at home.     I loved the steel drum musicians (that we have pictures of).

Smiles, that was also the day that we got to eat ice cream with chopsticks.  Yes, you heard that right.   Just for fun, I brought along the ‘cheater chopsticks’  (special chopsticks for kids and adults), and we used the chopsticks to eat the ice cream with.    Ah , yes, it’s difficult to do that but lots of fun  .  We were too busy having fun to take the pictures of that.   My hands were full of ice cream and chopsticks  . Smiles.

These are earlier pictures taken quite a long time ago.    I don’t post pictures quickly , but if kids are in the pictures, I wait a few years before I post them online.  So these are oldies but still fun memories and fun pictures.   We used to go to the Chili Pepper Fiesta every year but I haven’t been there , probably since I moved out of that city to another city.

FavoriteInstruments Fun Festival

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AttheFiesta 2010 2019

The little one , (not putting names here) didn’t feel good after a while and I think it was the heat that was getting to her .  It was unbelievably hot that day, and nobody brought hats or sunglasses.  We did find shady places later on and rested up from the walking a while where the music was.       This was at the cool Bonsai place in the garden.  Those trees were magnificent.

SixFlagsBearAdventure 20102019

After watching some videos of Six Flags animals poking their heads inside of car windows, I’m thinking that I’ll never open a window again in Six Flags.  Those animals are really bold and if they get a little open window space, they will stick their entire head and possibly body in there, inside the car.

Don’t open your windows at Six Flags , or at any safari park for that matter.

And, yes,  I know that I could have taken those pictures without the fence showing, but I’m not looking to impress anyone here.   Smiles.  Plus, I wanted the ‘real thing’ showing we were at the park, not somewhere on safari in another country.

Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 5.40.58 AM

This is one of the things that the car accident took away from me.     On this day at Six Flags, though I was well enough to  walk around the Safari Park,  I wasn’t well enough to go to the amusement park.     (there in the picture is the roller coaster).     I was in pain most of the time , at the Safari but I loved the experience.  This was the first time that I was there and it was the first time that one of my granddaughters saw the park.

She wanted to go on the roller coasters that day and into the amusement park which is part of Six Flags.   But I wasn’t able to do that, and I wasn’t going to let her go in there alone.   That had to be for another time.    And now, for the Bears experience,


We got to where the bears were and we saw that one of the bears was ready to stand straight up .  Seems they were about to fight.  And they did begin it.   The one stood straight up and the other did also, and then the one started to make the other one back up– walking backwards.  We were hoping that they were not going to get into a big brawl.  We looked over at the guy at the gate  .(There was this huge gate, a chain link fence that kept the bears in that one wide open space).     Wow!    Looking over I saw that the guy got off his chair and went to the fence.   He pulled the fence completely over and now we were actually locked in there, in the same huge space that the bears were in.

Laughing now, but not then.  Heck, now we were people ‘in the zoo’.    It was a  bit nerve-wracking because we didn’t know just how big this bear fight was going to be and we didn’t know if  ALL the bears were going to get into it.   Our car was right there, and there were many other cars there also.    All along, I was hoping that none of the drivers were going to do anything stupid.   And luckily, nobody moved.  All the cars stayed where they were and the bears just let their little fight wear down.

But , I’ll bet you didn’t know that  when you go into safari parks  — YOU can actually get locked in there with the animals if the animals get roudy!

Scary and more knowledgeable now, I do not think that I would go back to a safari park again,  OR  if I did, when I get to the bears part, I surely would zip through there kind of fast, not hanging around to see any bear fights.

So, be forewarned, if you are at any Safari Parks and those bears start standing up, don’t grab your camera but head for the fence before it closes on you, and you are stuck in there with the fighting bears.   Of course, you did not see this on the news, and you never will.  Because this simply isn’t good for business .  


ThebearsAbouttoFight 2010 2019


Thank you for visiting this site.   Peace .

And below these words is the last picture of this entry, the end of this entry.

SixFlagsBearAdventure 20102019


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