Leave The Child Be ..

Someone Did A Horrible Thing..    

There was a entry somewhere online that someone  did the ‘effigy’ thing.

People that do that just don’t have any sense.   The girl is a kid, a child.  It is not her fault that the media is trying to make a movie star out of her nor that misinformed children (and some adults) are following her stardom message.

Think peace… be peace .. and today, if you have a chance, do something nice …. 🙂

There Are Better Ways, Peaceful Ways, To Express Yourself 

I do not believe in doing things like that –   I can’t even type the words   that  act of  ‘ ha n …   in  effig..”     That is absolutely horrible!         There’s a huge difference in not agreeing with someone and going way overboard on expressing your disagreement.

According to the blog that I read, the police overseas are investigating it.  And thankfully that is happening.   Perhaps it is just another ‘child’ that did it, not meaning any harm to her.  That is the best case scenario  (as opposed to some totally irrational human being).   We’ve all see teens and younger people pull -what they consider ‘pranks’ .

Just for the record, doing something like that is no prank, and not funny.   In our society today, where so many have been so nasty and so violent, doing something like that is really, really horrible.   And the fact that they did this against a child , a teenager makes it doubly worse. 

I feel sad that this has happened.    And it again sends the message that the ones that are being hurt the most, are children.

Express Your Message in A  Peaceful Manner ..

People, be kind, and don’t do stupid stuff like that.     If you disagree with someone, use your creative talents to express yourself.    Go do a blog, express your opinion in words, in art, in song, but do it with kindness, without violence and without the insinuation of violence towards other human beings.    Grow up.

To The Person(s) That Did The Horrible Thing 

And to the person that did that horrible thing   – the effigy  thing, go  ‘undo’ it as much as possible.   To the person that did that – you are a bully.

And next time you disagree with someone, agree in a civil manner.   Effigy is not civil, not kind, and not effective in expressing what you want to express.

Hopefully, the authorities will find the person(s) that did this horrible thing.  They are investigating the matter and it’s only a matter of time.   I suggest to the person, go undo what you can do, apologize and take the thing down if it has not already been taken down.   

This is just plain horrible, beyond words.     Leave the child be. 


When you have a beef, or something to say, just ‘say’ it.   Express yourself verbally, in peaceful ways.           




I went back to find the entry , but I found this one (after not locating the original one that I saw.   You can see the entry  here (it is someone else’s blog, not related to my blog).

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