Chromebook Talk ..

FIRST IT TAKES A LITTLE TIME… to get used to it..

But after a little bit, it works out just fine.

I’m not big on Chrome, and then after using it, I found out that a few things were missing.      Anyway, after experimenting with it a little bit, I’ve ‘found” some of the missing things.   I’ll keep at it and find the rest.   Smiles.


I was using the chromebook without a mouse.  And when I tried to right click to get a screenshot, it simply didn’t work.   No screenshots?

Now, I haven’t tried in other programs but I managed to find out the way to make screenshots in this program the wordpress.   It’s easy once you find it.  I am using the square screenshot, haven’t figured out yet how to do the squiggly one yet, or the ‘irregular ‘ shaped screenshot.  I’ll put an example in here, of the finished product.

And love to hear if you have some chromebook tricks or tips.    How do you make the squiggly screenshot and how do you do this elsewhere besides in word press?

Any other helpful hints and suggestions when using chromebook?  These are three sample screenshots that I took today.




One last screenshot  below , some icons from my blog, and a description of the entries

Three Entries.jpeg


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