Gone Camping!

Just kidding.    However, I am in the mindset that I’d love to take a walk into nature, either a park or a forest.  It’s that season , and probably about time. 

Some of my most favorite spots for camping, not necessarily in order are these:

  1.    Hither Hills State Park  , in the Hamptons,   NYS ,  USA
  2.    Wildwood State Park,   in  NYS,  (in Long Island, NYS   USA)
  3.   There’s one in Smithtown, also but I forgot the name of the camping place, the state park.   This is the place that my huge tent started to blow away into the wind because I hadn’t yet put the stakes into the ground and had already put the rainfly onto the tent.   Lesson learned – stake the tent down first, before putting the rain fly on the tent.
  4.   Cheesequake State Park in New Jersey  is nice but not in  100 degree weather.  The mosquitoes were biting like crazy that day and we actually packed everything up and went back home.  Next day we headed out to Hecksher State Park for another day of camping .     I would choose Cheesquake State Park, any day, over Hecksher State Park but never, ever ever in 100 degree weather.
  5.   There’s a county park, out in Long Island, that’s really nice and cozy and near the highway (convenient).  I don’t remember the name of the park.  Do you know the name ?  It’s in Long Island, NYS  , USA
  6.  There’s a cool park in Rhode Island,   USA, that has the great tall trees.  That was too cool.  We stayed at the place where the cabins were.   I chose the tent outside the cabin because I just love tent camping.   BURLINGAME STATE PARK – I think that’s the name of the park.
  7.   PISGAH FOREST  ,  a very cool trip , through Outward Bound.   Highly recommended organization.  Check out this place for the best wilderness trips.  They have scholarships for Veterans.    Look up  NCOBS. org or NCOBS.com (forgot which) .
  8.  And I’ve camped out, solo, in a couple of State Parks in Pennsylvania, USA.  Most the the parks were inside of forest and the views and the trees are the best.  However, yes, there are bears in the Pennsylvania State Parks and Forests.  So beware.   I never saw any bears, thankfully, but it was reported by the hostesses in one of the parks that they saw bears there, the night before I arrived there.

If you camp with toddlers or small kids, I recommend private camping for their first trip.   I camped out solo, once , in a private camping, it’s totally geared for families with young children.

Got questions?  Ask.

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Are you planning an outward bound wilderness trip?

More pictures below


20180907_160413~31615421875..jpg The inside view of one of my favorite tents.    I  don’t have the tent any longer but I have the poles.  Eventually, I’ll get another tent like this.  It is the best.


I am really  missing this tent.   I got rid of it when I  thought the poles were lost after a camping trip.  (never separate poles from your tent).  Lesson learned.

more pictures.

The last photograph there is in the middle of the forest,   Pisgah Forest, in North Carolina.   That is solo night, the last night of the trip.     I decided to not set a tent up and just slept outdoors.      Outward Bound rocks.

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