About Sugar …


Yes, I’m almost out of sugar.    while the rest of the world is going on a sugar fast  and sugar break, and while the advertisers are all anti-sugar, here’s one person that likes real sugar

rather than artificial sweeteners.

If I don’t have sugar, I simply don’t have the beverage.   I’ll do without rather than have a substitute for sugar.     And yes, indeed, as I took off into the forest in North Carolina, long, long time ago, I brought a little sugar in the form of  candy.    Added that to the water and that made it just perfect (along with the water purification liquid.


Oh about the featured picture –that’s a picture of an old plastic coffee mug that I picked up on my Outward Bound wilderness survival trip.

It is just a reminder that great things can be accomplished when you set your mind to do them, one step at a time.     I’ll tell you about the trip some other time.    It was about seven days or so in the forest, in the middle of nowhere .


I highly recommend Outward Bound !

Will the street get the stop sign back? Repaving changes things artfromperry


Sugar rocks!

(real sugar, not substitutes).

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