The Spotless Child …

An excerpt from, “How to Help the Children”  (subtitle, “Help Keep Them Alive” ) 

“It’s all about the perfect, the spotless child and the clean home.  

 Sometimes the government organizations overlook the “perfect” child, the child that is spotless, clean, the house is spotless, etc. (The workers are busy looking for the ‘filthy’ areas, and dirty kids because they think that only dirt is synonymous with abused children). In the cases of the spotless homes, many times, the homes and apartments are spotless because the children and teens are the ones that are doing all the cleaning. The workers visit and see, “such a nice home”, “such cute and perfect kids”, and boom; they totally missed the boat. And most times, in these cases, the children and teens are scared to death to speak out or to report what is happening to them. Recently there was a case in the news – the kid was ‘starved’ to death, yet the freezer or refrigerator was filled with food. The case of the 13 kids that were recently ‘found’ as the young girl escaped and ran to the police — in that case, (the Turpin children and adults) in all the public photos, the kids are dressed nice, perfectly. They were totally ‘missed’ as they were allegedly abused and allegedly tortured by their own m u ther and f u ther . Our city workers need to study that case and really learn from it, in order to help the thousands of other kids out there that have still not yet been ‘discovered’.

To the government workers out there, please take a second or even a third look at the homes and at the children if you are called into a perfect home.    Look, and make appointments to come back to the home and even make surprise appointments to visit those toddlers and teenagers.  

It’s not always about dirt, and it’s not always about dirty kids.     In fact, sometimes dirty kids are the happiest kids (just saying).     All I’m saying is that kids are kids and need to be kids.  So as you arrive at someone’s home after you get the call about child abuse, you need to be looking for something other than a dirty kid or a dirty home. 

You need to really be looking into the families of the spotless kids.     Sometimes it is the spotless kids that are the ones in the most danger of losing their lives. 

And once you find those kids, your approach needs to be very different than your usual approach.  Some of these parents are not going to stop  abusing the kids just because they got reported.   

Set up a friendly visitor schedule and see the kids at least three or four times each and every week.  In that way, you can bring food to the kids, even if they are snacks, and you can interact with the kids, talk with them, yes, become a friend to them .  They probably will never admit to  you what is happening to them, however, you can do the visits to help them survive, to live, and to thrive until they can really get help to get out of the place where they are being abused. 

It’s just a guess here, but  I am thinking that the reason why some of these kids die is because the visits from the government workers are too far apart.   You can’t visit an abused child and then come back seven days later.  In seven days, that child can be killed by the abuser.    Visit at  least three or four or even five times a week! 

Yes, that’s expensive, but hey, how much is a life worth ? 

Next step, once you start visiting almost every day, the head abuser will try to move the children out of the city, you can still help the child.       You  know where they move and set up visits in the next city. 

If a system like this was in place, the Turpin children could have been saved years ago, instead of enduring all those years of torture.   

One of the red flags you have to help you is the number of times that the families move after they are flagged by the child workers.     If you have been called to a  home on the case of alleged child abuse, check the number of times that family has moved prior to your investigation.    If you see that the family is always moving, note that it’s possible as your investigation continues, that family most likely will move again.   

You have clues and red flags all around you , but the gov workers are not picking these things up”.  

This entry that I’ve written is short, and it doesn’t contain all the information necessary but it’s just a note, an entry, not the whole book.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here’s some of my photographs…

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