Some Cherry Blossom Trees without the Tree … Peaceful week …

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For this picture I am presenting the Cherry Blossom tree in a ‘different’ way.   In this picture, if you look close, you will see all parts of the tree.    In the upper-right hand corner you see a glimpse of the trunk of the tree, right in the corner there.   In the glass and the hood of the car,  you can find the branches and the shape of the tree.  And last but never least, you find the actual petals of the tree all over the top of the car and all over the ground — near the trunk of the tree.

My favorite picture, of course, is the blurred version of this one.      I used an editing program  — solely to blur out the number on the inspection and the registration ticket that is one the window of the automobile.    I cropped the picture to leave out the trash cans and some old, winter garden flower pots.

(All winter the garden is pretty un-organized due to icy cold weather).

Reflections Cherry Blossom Tree and tree trunk on side

Picture above — the car and the petals.

Picture below – my favorite, the blur of life , the car and picture blurred.   It’s a natural blur, not photoshop.  I just moved the camera as I took the picture.

theblur cbreflections artfromperry

and below,  different picture, just part of the car and the petals, no tree trunk.

cb reflections34

Apologies, I use a free site here so they ad advertising to it.   For some reason it always seems to be horrible advertising.  But hey, advertising happens.    I am not recommending any of the advertisements as I don’t even look at them or read them so I can not promote any advertising that is somehow connected here.  I’d like to see ads for something like  a real soft drink with sugar or an ad for trees or plants or something but they never add things like that.   Thanks for reading.


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