with Summer Approaching…

It is going to be quite some time before the tomatoes become visible on the plants.  (This picture is from last year or the year before that.     In the photo, there is a combination of home tomatoes, a store tomato and a friend’s tomato.

I remember the day that I got to taste my very first “beefsteak” tomato.   Too superb, the one from the ground, not from the supermarket.    A friend had brought a huge beefsteak over to me.    (I had already tasted cherry tomatoes and plum tomatoes but never had a real beefsteak tomato, ever, until that day).    Superb!!

And without adding anything to it at all, no salt, no seasonings, no nothing, this tomato (not pictured) — the best piece of fruit that I’ve had in my lifetime – with the exception of the apples in that homemade apple pie that my grandmother used to bake.

Instructions:  (Tomatoes)

  • Put fishheads, veggies etc , into the ground, in a hole.
  • Place seeds into the ground  ( You can use the seeds from the tomato that you just ate, and even use the seeds from those tomatoes that you just got from Trader Joes.
  • Care for the plant as it grows.
  • Use water from a lead-free hose.
  • In colder climates or before spring or summer, use hot water to give your plants some hopeful growing.

Patience, you will have tomatoes, this season.


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