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Some of the older blog posts and some of the pictures that I’ve taken over the years are posted in this site here. 

Have you seen any of these.    And I’m wondering — which is your favorite picture from the bunch?



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ABOUT THE word      , “NO”.  

One of the most important posts that I make here and everywhere else is the post that explains, talks about and promotes the word, “No”.          The first step in fighting a bully is to perfect your “no”.        while most of us ere trained to be polite and to not offend, the truth is that as you go older and as you learn to distinguish between regular people and those people that seek to totally control you or harm you, one of the best tools is the use and the understanding and the perfection of the word, “No”.

  1. There is no need to explain your “no”, to excuse your “no” or to validate your “no” .
  2. Once you have figured out that the person doesn’t acknowledge, understand or accept the word, “NO”, then that is the time to simply use it without explanation or validation.    Just say, “NO”.
  3. Stick to your no.   Do not feel sorry for the person; do not feel the need to be polite and never ever explain your “no”.
  4. If you need more words of if the person insists on more “explanation” of your “no”, simply say this —   ” NO”.      And this, “NO”.
  5. As you are pressed and pushed for a different answer, repeat, “NO”.
  6. walk  away; don’t look back.
  7. Do not regret your “no”.   Don’t feel guilty and don’t collect $200.  (LOL, that’s from the Monopoly game).

Just say, “No”, and repeat and then get out of there fast.

The Nuts and Bolts of “NO”


Just say, “NO”!



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