So, out of fear, I didn’t arrange for the trip into the forest that last year.   You know, I don’t fly, and there lots of other fears, so I never even filled the application out to go to the wilderness school.  It as something that I always wanted to do, but I didn’t manage to do it.  Pictures below

Yet, almost four years later, (after seeing the first application), I decided to use positive thinking and I decided to do ‘everything that I could do, one step at a time’ in order to go to the school.

So, I took the application in hand.    Looked at it.   Everything about it as fearful to me, everything!

One step at a time, I filled the application out.   Told them the amount I could afford for the donation, and I just waited.     Soon I got the answer.  They accept me.

One by one, one fear by one fear, I conquered the thing that held me back and I actually did the medical exam and did go to the forest.     I cut my hair off — that would give me less work in the forest (no hair washing, no shampoo etc), and for other reasons, that helped.

This is one of the most magnificent trips that I took in my lifetime, an educational trip, one of wilderness survival and I’ll remember it always .   Yes, my hair grew back.  And yes, the trip is a total blessing in my life as it did take quite a bit of fear from me.   All I have to do is think of that trip and of that  accomplished and I just smile.    Great memories.   It as hard work but it is worth it.



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