Don’t Judge a Book by Its’ Cover

All over the world, people look at you, and some (just some) judge you, by the way that you dress, the way that you talk, the way you walk, by how you get around, by the car you drive, by the car you don’t drive, and by the way that you present yourself to the world.  

What some don’t realize is that eventually, yes, eventually, everyone looks the same.  We come into this world , almost , looking the same and everyone really comes into the world empty handed, except for their most wonderful beautiful brain, spirit, heart and attitude.

Look again.



That person that you judge as being “not worth being around” might just be the one who is one with heart.  Yea, I know.

Everyone has a heart right?


But some use their heart to guide them to a better place, to a place of peace, to a place where it’s okay to be you.   And others might use their heart to do the opposite.

Hearts are invisible on first impressions.  And hearts don’t show themselves in clothing, vehicles, or in any type of physical or material surroundings.

Remember that next time you see someone that you think comes from a different world than you come from.    Everyone comes from the same place.

And then you either live and grown and flourish,  or you build a wall around yourself that keeps creativity, curiosity, warmth, spirit and growth away from you, and you can get stuck in a rut that becomes too hard to get out of.



Are you a stuck up individual who looks down on other human beings because of their surroundings, their clothing, the vehicles or lack of vehicles, or other material or physical things or possessions?

Look again.   Look closer.

And then look inside yourself.

And then look around you.

Are you bathed in insincerity?   Are you covered with “yes men” ?   Are you surrounded by people who will tell you only that which you want to hear?   Are you surrounded by “all the king’s men”?   Are you surrounded by the same people who saw what the “Emperor” was wearing (nothing!) but didn’t say a word?



The Emperor’s New Clothing  wasn’t clothing at all.

Are you naked but nobody around you is friend enough to tell you?

Ahh, yes, I know.

None of that makes sense to you.

That’s okay.

It’s okay to be you.

Read “The Emperor’s New Clothing” , and then while you are at it, get a copy of the  “Aesop’s Fables”.   And then read that other children’s book, “The King’s Stilts”.



You just might learn a thing or two.


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