Taking the Photographs

For reasons that I won’t put here, I have been using a cellular phone to take pictures lately and for a  long while.     I have a camera and this past week, I finally took the camera out and am getting it prepared so that I can use it , soon. 

About a few years ago, I began taking a short photography course with the sole purpose of trying to get myself to begin using the camera again, (instead of using the cellular phone), but that didn’t happen yet.    It’s probably been quite some time since I’ve used a ‘regular camera’ to take pictures again.

However, I do look forward to that day when I finally, begin, again, to use a camera every day.


The “enjoy small things” is a smaller wood project that I had been working on.   And the butterfly is my neighbor’s butterfly,  the collage of pictures – the tiny one there, shows many of the photos that I’ve taken over the years, (with all types of cameras), and of course, the “sunshine and salt water” sign is one that graced our garden on summer days and on winter days.