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This is Permitted… Really … You Can Read This One ..

So following along the lines of ‘censorship’ and along the lines of what we are allowed to say, there are things that we CAN say that we are permitted to speak about. 

And for you, here, is one of those entries that has approval by the powers that be (who are the powers that be?).      (You can fill in the dots with anything like  ‘democrats’ ,  ‘liberals’, or any other party that doesn’t allow free speech in newsletters and blogs and in journalism.

So, the acceptable writing here is all about flowers.   Smiles.  Yes, doesn’t everyone love flowers?

My favorites are carnations and also green dianthus , and roses that look like carnations (those are usually called, “George Burns Roses”).     And some of my other favorites are those beautiful  hydrangeas!    And I am thrilled that the three or four hydrangea plants that I uprooted from the back yard and doing just fine in the front yard now.   (They are only green plants now but in summer and spring, there will be beautiful purple, and pink and possibly even blue or white hydrangeas along with the mini roses and other flowers.

And in the plants department, I like the Giant Ear and the Sage and Lamb’s Ear is another term for the Giant Ear .  (And they look nothing at all like a giant ear lol ).

Of course there’s the ELEPHANT EARs and they might even resemble an elephant’s ear .. and some of them even look like they can be the  size of the Elephant’s Ear.

Your favorite plants?

And flowers?