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Recently Read an Article

Recently read an article about someone who got gazillions of medical tests and they found ‘nothing’.

Yes, I agree—  stress is usually the answer to most hidden medical or physical problems.

And I have more to say on that.

A note  — leaving it here rather than on someone else’s blog.

My thoughts. “Regarding your entry about your ‘stress”, it’s good to realize the seriousness that stress causes us but most people don’t realize it until after they have been tested up the wazoo and the doc finds ‘nothing’. And thank God for those good doctors who are willing to say that they didn’t find anything because there are still lots out there that will test you till you die from the testing or from false test results. I’m thinking possibly the ‘stress’ answer might have come sooner for you — sorry you have to experience all those tests. Accept the ‘nothing’. — Just a guess here but if you accept that there is nothing medically wrong AS your doctor said, you just might be on the road to a great, fabulous medicinal miracle by ridding yourself of stress the natural way. I saw your painting here — your walls and don’t know wether those are really your walls painted or just an example but I say , heck , if painting gives you stress relief and you have no headaches anymore, make your monthly prescription a set of paintbrushes and or paints. NOTE , smiles, this answer is for entertainment only, not for any professional or medical purposes. I am not a doctor nor a medical professional. I just happen to love how the creative arts, writing, painting, photographing, drawing, being musical, singing all seem to have a similar affect on a large part of our society. And the answers come straight from the Bible… it’s all in there. Peace ..
. artfromperry