Be You … in Photography



wait a minute..


look only if you want to look ….


mysnowpictures 2016 2017

I love doing what I’m not supposed to do, as long as that doesn’t require breaking any real rules.       Obey the law, but be creative.

And for me, this means breaking a few of the photography rules … just because.

I mean , how can you be creative if you strive to make your pictures like everyone else’s pictures?    Doesn’t everyone strive for that perfection?   Perfect pictures.   Not a hair out of place, not a blur, not a blemish, not a , nothing…

Perfect pictures..

Well, Barney, you are in the wrong place if you are looking for perfect pictures.

These are life pictures, life moments, proof of life and celebration of life with  no ulteriour motives and no other goals except to produce the photograph.   No perfection, just life.    Just realism, that’s all.

And to me,

that’s quite enough.


Tell me when you have this all figured out?



thank you cool shopping bag artfromperry


Merry, Merry, Merry  Christmas…


I  was going to explain the doll/leaves picture but that’s for another time.  That’s one interesting story .