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Someone Else’s Words …

So they belong to someone else, however, I have to fully agree with this statement.


I am thinking that you probably agree with this also?

I saw this one , these words on someone’s social media pages.      And so, these very important words  are going to be here also .


and I hope  you agree also.

Yesindeed artfromperry .jpeg

I told you there’s truth in this blog and newsletter and

here’s hoping your truth is the same as my truth.

You do love the people in your home?

Then you can relate to this right ?

Yesindeed artfromperry .jpeg

 If you love America you’ll love the border closings also.

Remember this,  you want a border between  America and Russia right?

You want a border between other countries that don’t appreciate freedom and life the way that USA appreciates freedom and life , right?

Those borders are okay with you?

You were okay with stopping people who had SARS and who had Ebola from coming into our country while they were contagious right?

You were okay with medical quarantines when medically necessary right?

 If that’s so, then why on earth do you want totally open borders?

 You want your school doors closed and locked to perverts right?

You want top security in operating rooms while surgeons are working right?

You want locked doors on schools to keep our kids safe right?

Don’t you see how a border does protect a country’s people?

You already know and have the facts that large parts of Mexico and Columbia and some other countries are heavily influenced and some are even run by drug cartels right?

Yet, you say Open borders?

NOBODY is saying that all immigrants are that.

What we are saying is that we want our borders OPEN to legal immigrants and to those who are properly identified, vetted, and screened.   That’s reasonable considering what’s happening all over the world.

Have you figured out what these lines are for yet?