Another … comment leaving it here

Accidentally, I just came across another blog that is talking about legalizing marijuana and using the excuse or reason that it could ‘prevent suicide’ .


Yea, close  but no banana.

This entry and all entries , remember,  are NOT legal or any other professional advice.   You make your own life decisions.    Do ONLY that which is healthy for you to do for yourself .  If you need help from a professional , then call a professional , dial 911 for police emergencies only and dial  zero for operator if you have any type of emergency and the operator should connect you with the proper authorities.

DO ONLY HEALTHY Things !  That’s the bottom line.

I hope and pray that nobody decides to  use medical marijuana and that patients and people are never fooled by that bait  of medical marijuana.

Like that’s all you need,  marijuana when you already have other problems (those terminally ill or ill with cancer and or with other diseases) .


promise me

If you face the facts, the real facts, not the hype that the dopers  are pushing, then you know and admit that pot is not healthy for human beings.   Not pure pot, fake pot, synthetic pot — marijuana is never healthy for any human being.