Squirrel Photograph

So, the moral of this story is never take a nap where squirrels roam.

You probably will believe this true story…. it’s kind of funny and kind of weird and kind of interesting at the same time.     See picture of the squirrel  (yes, taken with a cellular phone camera).

It happened to be a nice sunny day and a really lazy day. I was sitting outdoors having lunch.

(YES, I have eaten lunch outdoors sometimes).    Tell me about it.   Don’t knock it till you try it.   Makes me laugh kind of .  Rich people sit out on the porch or somewhere out in the backyard and they eat.   But when regular people eat outdoors people think that is strange, weird and probably not polite .

But hey, if it feels good and if it works for you, then why not?   (Only if that’s legal of course).

Eat outdoors, sometimes, you’ll enjoy it.  (wait for spring summer)

Back to the story..

I had just finished lunch and I didn’t want to hold the dish anymore and I didn’t want to get up and go inside yet.  So, I did the unmentionable right?   I put the dish on the cement next to me and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the slightly baking sun , still outdoors.  You know, it just felt like I was at the beach on a bright sunny day.

Yea, I fell asleep in the chair right there, outdoors!  Not to worry I was safe, in no danger. However,  I woke up briefly to see that I was not alone!

This guy, this squirrel   –about three feet away from me, was just posing and staring at me, (apparently while I slept).. and I was shocked and surprised to see the squirrel just staring at me.

Yea, he was wondering if I was going to take the dish away.     Anyway, I zipped my cellular phone out and took this quick picture before he ran away

(See main picture there at the top of this article) .

flower outdoors artfromperry

The best camera to use when taking a picture is the ONE that’s right in your hand! 

Doesn’t matter where I am or what time it is, there’s usually a stubborn squirrel   around somewhere.