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You, still, are not allowed to ..

You are not allowed to say

 you voted for Donald Trump…

You know that don’t you?

You are not allowed to say that, anywhere or anytime..

Don’t you understand what preferred censorship is?

It’s not like regular censorship, it’s preferred, that’s all

It’s preferred that you be silent when the democratic majority or minority says,

“Be silent” ..

It’s preferred that you listen and not be heard..

You are not allowed to say any of this so don’t dare say that right?

You are not allowed to say that the current President has fulfilled many of his campaign promises:    YOU CAN”T SAY THAT!!!

Why isn’t anyone listening?

It’s the year of ‘preferred censorship’ , permissible censorship…  a/k/a  you are not allowed to say those words  …

        because   ‘they’ say so…

“they”?   There they go again with that “they” word.

Are you not listening to me?   You are not allowed to say any of that.
Why aren’t you listening to me?

This is the year , (and last year also) of “Preferred Censorship” .

Listen up   – there are just some things you are not allowed to say …

Whew!   I’m glad someone began listening, finally.

Whew!  I was almost beginning to think that this “preferred censorship” was Working…

home of the brave. USA. PHOTO BY artfromperry


Can you figure this out?

Have you figured out what those lines are for?