Photography Pin Hole

These are my ‘modern’  pinhole style photographs that I took that day that I attended the course in New York City,  New York,  United States of America..

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So, every single year, there’s a community organization that celebrates “National Pinhole Camera”  Day.     Small details:    They charge you about five dollars and you pre-register for the class.    (There’s a picture of some of the class in this slide show — participants all ages, child to adult but children must have an adult present).    So in this class, they supply all the materials to make your first pinhole camera.   That’s one entire class on one day.     Then on another day, you go back to the place to use the camera to take pictures.    It’s all very interesting.

My Story:

Yes, I took the first class and I paid my five dollars.  And, indeed, I did  create my  Pinhole Camera with their supplies.    And, as life would have it, something came up and I didn’t go back to the second class (which is totally outdoors- the first class i s indoors).


This is a personal story of my experience on that day, in my city.      And hoping you share your experience.    Or were you right here in our city that day ?


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However, since I plan for mishaps, the day that I took the first class, I took my ordinary ‘modern’ point and shoot camera and I set the thing on “pinhole style” photographs and I took some photos in the class and around the location of the class.    So these photos you see that are “pinhole” style  are really taken with a modern camera –not with the pinhole camera that I made.    My pinhole camera still sits with  me , with the ‘film’ – photo paper intact inside the camera.    That’s my souvenir of the day, along with my modern pictures.

were you there , in your own city, on National or International Pinhole Camera day?   If you missed that do a google and find out the date that this is due to come to your city and or state.

Peace. .