Just the Pretty Snaps…


Some of the small things that I do enjoy is looking out windows to see the beautiful sky, other small things are simple things like praying and then other things like Watching a good tv show .   I like going out with my kids and grandkids .  And I love going to creative workshops and taking pictures .  And I like driving to new adventures and I like watching good movies.  And I love creating art.  And I like going out with good friends.

The small things are important in life.   Take care of them and visit them often.

artfromperry copyrighted.jpegARTFROMPERRY2018-03-18 at 10.12.32 AMartfromperry copyrighted.jpeg



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This picture above is one of the ancient, lol , hydrangeas.   I moved this one from the backyard to the front yard, and it’s doing good!      Our hydrangeas rock!

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