Photography Recipes & Slide Show

This entry is about holiday food but also about some of my photography.

Near the end of the entry, I have placed a slideshow of some pictures that I ‘ve taken.      

 I find most of life interesting at the very least and the rest of life, exciting.          Most times I don’t post pictures of family, but yet then sometimes, I do.                 I think for this entry, I  am posting scenics, birds, still life and collage  collections.        

Yumm, and smiles.    Probably one of the best things that you can do during the holidays is tasting something new and different.   No, not cookies. .. cookies fr o mperry-11609203652..jpg

This year, my  “different”  is a  “Ganache”  cake.    Hmm, exactly what is Ganache?    Still having no clue, I tried a small piece of that.      It has to be the best chocolate cake there is.  And it’s cool because it’s a tiny chocolate cake (compared to some of the other larger chocolate cakes).     Seriously,  try a ganache chocolate cake!    {Pictures some other time}

I have considered trying “sardines” but thought the better of it.    After all, it’s not really a cool thing, thinking of trying a fish that still has the head attached.    (I’m totally inexperienced with this )    And yes, I heard that there are ‘filets’ — just small slices of the fish but that still doesn’t sound good to me.    I’ll stick to the regular, tuna, yellow-fin in some kind of light oil.   (No, I don’t eat the oil).

For reasons beyond explanation, I’ve decided to try at least one new food each year.    And this year the Ganache won.     And on the side of ‘regular’ food, I finally had a genuine, real burger with fries.    Hey, at least once a year, one should have  a good burger with fries.    (No offense to vegans and vegetarians; please don’t judge a book by its’ cover.  This is usually a once a year thing and I’m working on making that a nonce a year thing.

An old-standby that I’m looking to find is the best cheeseburger,  well-done, of course, but I the cheeseburger I am looking for is the one with the coolest almost-fluid cheese, not solid cheese.

And on the cookie side?   For me, it’s the jelly-filled cookies over any of the other ones.  I’m seriously considering making my own jelly-filled cookies.    Nope, not from scratch!  Begin with any good, seriously-great tasting cookie and find the best filled-with sugar and filled with real fruit jelly or preserves.   Top it off with  some whipped cream and you’ve got it made.    No pictures yet, because I haven’t made the cookies yet. I’m guessing that is for next year.

So, for dinner last night, I really went over the top by creating something that most would shrug their shoulders at.    Try this one….really  smiles, try this one ..  (Do not do this at home; I am quite experienced with ‘original-home-cooked-strange ideas).


In the grill-machine of some sorts, place some frozen french fries, a few pieces of frozen broccoli, some grains of frozen rice,  and a few teaspoons or tablespoons of some good, uncanned tuna.       Grill it all up, and you don’t need any salt or spices at all.    when it’s all done (in about five minutes or so), scoop it all out of the grill and place it on top of some tablespoons of fresh, sugar-filled cranberry sauce. (Of course, if you are allergic to sugar or can’t have sugar, you can do any substitutes that you need to do).

On an unrelated note, here is some of my photography below – having nothing at all to do with this entry!


That’s a picture o f our beautiful, cherry–blossom tree – shedding all of its’ leaves.   The background is the background of the phone that I took the picture with .


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