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How  did we wind up at the Brandywine Zoo? 


(NOTE:  There is a slide show of some of my nature shots at or near the  end of this entry).

I am so happy that finally someone got some sense..and finally this poor tiger has been moved out of its’ original Delaware home.   Here’s the pre-story

and the story..

A few years ago, one of my granddaughters and I went to the zoo in Delaware.    Of course, we hadn’t set out to see the zoo, we were on the way to Rhode Island.    It was the year that she and I took to the road to get a first look at the college in Rhode Island.   She was checking out colleges and she asked if I would take her to the one in Rhode Island to see what it was like.    The trip was wonderful, but on the way there, of course, we made a few stops, just for fun.

We passed a sign that said “BrandyWine Zoo” and we both thought that would be a great side-stop on our little trip.    So, we pulled off the highway and followed the signs to the Bandywine Zoo.      (And  “zoo” is the correct word because this was no “wildlife” center.

I was so disappointed when I saw the tiny cage that this tiger was living in.   This was horrible!    We watched as this giant tiger rapidly paced around the small cage.  Yes it had  water, a tiny, tiny, little thing that resembled a pond  (picture a 8 foot kid’s swimming pool, naturally shaped with rocks around it).      The entire time that we were there and watching, this tiger ran in a pacing manner around the cage, up and down back and forth.   This is just horrible!    I wondered why they held this tiger prisoner.   Yes, prisoner.  The tiger was a prisoner in the worst way.     I didn’t even know the tiger’s name at that point.       We saw the  rest of the zoo and finally we left.    But my thoughts never left that captive tiger, ever.    It was too sad an experience.


happy to say, now, finally, years later, that this tiger is no longer a prisoner of that zoo.   They moved the tiger to bigger and better living spaces in another state in the United States of America!

I’m lost for words right now but I’ll give you the link to the story behind the story.

Here are some of the facts about the tiger.   (Notice the ‘pretty’ picture they put in there of the tiger? ) .

My picture shows more reality…. but that’s life.    I took this picture and you can see the tiger and the water splashing as the tiger had just pounced off the rocks in into or near the water.


Photo by    . ©2013 LindaPerry, All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic and recording rights.

THIS  (See picture above) is the tiger as he paced wildly around this tiny cage.     Seriously, no joke, this tiger was so active in this tiny space, I thought that he might somehow find a way to get out of his cage.  Yes, I say cage.  The tiger was in a cage — not in a wildlife environment.

Now go and take a look at the press picture that the news company posted to make the tiger look ‘content’  and ‘beautiful’ , looking like  a strong tiger should look.

Link here       the tiger in Delaware, USA

Anyways, even though the tiger is still captive, I’m really glad that the tiger has a larger, more comfortable , more natural home in another city,  in the USA.

I’d love to see everyone else’s take on the tiger.  Did you get to see this tiger at Brandywine?   Or did you get to see the tiger in the new home?

Wherever you go, traveling, look for the zoos, the wildlife centers and check out what is happening all over the United States of America.

I’ll put some of my other ‘nature’ pictures here below:

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