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See the USA, in your Chevrolet!

Or, in any other car or even by train.   Traveling in the USA is lots of fun when you take the train or the bus or the bike.     My travel has amounted to around these kinds of trips (probably left some out here):

By Amtrak    (and some also with extra added sections by the bus)

South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington, DC,      Been to Washington, DC, three times, all three times by Amtrak, twice with family members (different family both times)   , and once solo.

By Car

New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, New Hampshire, Tennesee, Indiana.      And yes, I found up in Michigan purely by accident!


Slide029    Ice cream trip with  some of my kids and grandkids.    And then another day with my Cousin Sue.     I’ve been to Point Pleasant many times, it’s just a nice place by the water and has one of the best ice cream shops there .    If the back door is open, don’t by the ice cream lol.


By Car

One trip outside of the United States of America,     Montreal, Canada .

Oh, by the way, that Chevy in the picture is not mine.  However  I did take one of those trips using a Chevy, and that was the first and only trip that I made to Montreal, Canada .

For me, traveling by bus or train or by car allows you to see more of your trip and that’s what I love about that kind of travel.



And I love getting into the cities while traveling which is easy to do by car but not so easy to do by plane.

Cities or Towns,  been to:

New York –  Long Island, Farmingdale, Sayville, Sag Harbor,  Hamptons, Hicksville,  Long Beach,  Rockville Center, Hempstead, and some others.

New Jersey –   Jersey City, Bayonne, Edison, Lakewood, Fairfield, Manalapan, Linden,

And other cities throughout the USA



Albany, Syracuse, Smith Point, Breezy Point, Newtown, Ephrata, Landis, Cherry Hill, Westford, Valley Stream, Lima, Cleveland, Toledo, Kalida, Ann Arbor, Brooklyn, Bronx,  Manhattan, Queens,

And in my travels, I’ve been to a number of forests, and state parks, and a couple of historic sites.      Surprisingly, I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty, nor to Ellis Island, yet.      I’ve heard about the statue and I’ve decided to cross that one off my list.   And possibly, Ellis Island might be a future trip in a few years from now.

The Answer:

I have no reason to travel any further outside of the USA since I have not yet seen the entire United States of America.    So,  I have no overseas trips planned at all, ever.

See the USA … in your Chevrolet ..or in any car, bus or train for that matter.


Where have you been and how is that trip?

Your favorite spot?

I have a million favorite spots on the USA map, these are just some of the pictures that I took around the USA

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