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Gardens are some of my Favorites!

In everyone’s life, there is winter, summer, fall and spring. Every season will enter into your life. So, when you live it, never think that this is ‘it’.
As Gilda Radnor would say, “There’s always something” . And that something is another season in your life, another winter, summer, spring or fall. And
we have a great God that permits us to have more ‘better’ weather than bad weather, and this is the great blessing of life.

If you are freezing right now, have no fear, for the weather wheel will turn, eventually, and soon, summer will arrive and you can have gorgeous plants and
elegant flowers decorating your gardens, inch by inch. I looked out the other day and I saw the twigs and sticks that used to be wonderfully, cute little lilac
branches and leaves. And even then, seeing the twigs, I know that the lilac is still in there, pushing towards spring and summer. And the Hydrangeas, pink,
purple, blue and lavender are in there, pushing towards the invincible summer of this magnificent “looks like a truck hit it” garden.

Aren’t gardens wonderful?


Gardens ARE wonderful!

Peace on your journey.