The Tents ….

Probably the most important thing you can bring with you on your trip is the tent, the type of tent that you choose.     

For me, I love basics.    And basics doesn’t mean a lot of money but it means having patience and waiting until ‘off season’ to get that tent.    One of my most favorite tents that I did get was one that I purchased ‘by accident’.        In the store, it just happened to be there and it was  “off season’ ,and there  was this tent that as  reduced — half-price!    Of course, at the time that said, “buy me, buy me” , because I was really short of money and I needed a good tent that would  last forever.     

The type of camping that I as doing at the time   was  during the  week camping at either state parks or once in a while at a private campgrounds.   (I like the state parks better but there’s always a good reason when  you need a private campgrounds.          Most of the time it as  in fall, spring or summer.

So, I picked up that  “Tetragon 9”  , a Eureka tent, and I loved that tent.    It   was just perfect for my purposes.    It had a six-foot high ceiling so I loved that I was able to stand up in it.   That just makes things easier.  And it had 2  windows.   And for a family-size tent it really wasn’t heavy.    Yes, I’d say you need a car, not a bike for this one.    The windows had plastic, soft plastic coverings for the rain and cold weather — the coverings were on the fly, I think.    And the door was a decent size.    I probably picked up this tent for under eighty dollars at the time.  

And I used it for a seriously long time during some fab camping trips around the east side of the country (USA).      I loved that I could put up this tent, myself, in less than five or ten minutes.   Yes, it’s a one-person set up tent but has room for enough people inside, roomy enough!

My second-favorite ‘non-professional’ tent is the seventy-dollar-pop-up tent.  That also had about a six-foot ceiling (I see a pattern here lol).    You popped this tent out of the huge, flat circular bag and there it was completely put together and ready to go.   Folding it or stuffing it back into the bag –that was a whole other story.     Here’s the thing, if you are a person who doesn’t read directions, you’ll fight with this tent for quite some time before you get smart and take the directions out!    Yes, it ould seem simple enough to get a piece of material back into a flat bag but seriously, there’s a way that you do it and then there’s the other way – which can take you months.     Once I read the instructions it was okay, that was easier! 


Really, I can not tell you which tent this one is.    I set this one up a couple of years ago, and used it a bit.   I can see that it is not the pop-up tent.   (The pop-up tent has a different-looking top.     And it’s probably not the Tetragon  9  either).     what’s your favorite tent and why   

The picture that is the ‘featured’ picture is the all-around, non-professional small tent that I purchased off-season in Target for about 12 dollars.   This has its’ purpose is worth  the 12 bucks.     This is a nice solo-tent that is roomy but it is not featured or sold as a solo-tent.  This is a great kids’ tent.  And it also serves as a great ‘extra-tent’.   You can use this for your minor equipment or even as a ‘changing  tent’  .   It is not waterproof but it serves a purpose.   And I used this at a family reunion also, just to give the kids a place to play.    Non-campers got the experience of being in a tent, for the day in a safe space.

Probably, as pictured there, the yellow and black tent, I used it as a solo-tent on a one or 2 day camping trip, during summer or fall .