The Flowers Always Come Back


These are from our garden. ..

There was a time in my life when I never dreamed that I could ever have a garden, ever. There was no time, no money, no place, no nothing, no possibility to have any type of a garden and even indoors, all my plants were constantly dying,  flowers and plants just couldn’t make it in our environment at the time, over decades.     Yet, today,  we have a garden, where plants live and flourish.    Right now, in the dead of winter, the garden looks as if a truck ran through it and there are no living flowers in there.

However, under all that dirt, under all those leaves, there is life.  And the plants and the flowers will pop up in spring and in summer.



Keep on moving forward, reaching towards your goals.

Keep on keeping on.

Remember the strength of the garden.

Whatever you are going through right now, that’s only winter.   And if you’ve been going through it for a long time, that’s only a hurricane…   If you remain strong, pray, and reach towards your goals, you, too, will survive the hurricane…and all of its’ devastation.





Feet going forward.

Keep on keeping on.

This is for my kids, and my grandkids, and for everyone, just in case someone  is looking at winter’s devastation through dark glasses.   It will be okay.   It will be okay!

That’s a promise.

That’s a promise.

koko …