San Sebastian, Puerto Rico and Adventures

If I ever am going to go off the mainland of the USA, it probably would be to San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. 

I’ve never been there, though I’ve been invited there many times.     Some of my grandkids have gone there for the summer, or to visit for smaller visits.  And the adventures that I heard of were wonderful.  And the pictures are beautiful!



Yet, most likely, I will not see that in person.     I’m one of those who uses walking, biking, training, or busing when it comes to adventures.   And so many times, I have used the car on adventures.  Been to South Carolina by bus, and North Carolina by train (from South Carolina), and to DC by Amtrak, and to other states by automobile.   Yes, I love boats.  I’ve taken the “C-Line” around Manhattan, and the Ferry from Brooklyn, to Manhattan, NYS, USA.   And yes, I’ve  been in a kayak, been on a paddleboat, and even been in a rowboat.



Smiles, yes, as a child, I once boarded a small helicopter at a place in Brooklyn, at a place called, “Buddys”.   But that helicopter simply journeyed around the center of the ride, and it stayed connected to this long pole that made the helicopter go up and down as the helicopter ‘flew’ up in the air so that I could see “Buddys” from a higher perspective.

No planes.

Traveling by plane has never been a joy for me, nor has even thinking of traveling by plane been anything that I’ve ever been interested in doing.

The Legs: 

Probably some of the best trips or journeys were on an interesting mode of travel that required four legs … the horse.   I’ve ridden horses in Prospect Park, in queens, in Pennsylvania and in upstate New York in a place called,  “walkill” .     There used to be a dude ranch there, that   was  called, “Sunnycroft Ponderosa”  .   At the time, decades ago, there were 2 dude ranches there, the Rocking Horse Ranch and the Sunnycroft Ponderosa.    At the time, I choose the Sunnycroft (which is no longer in business in New York).

In the past, most of my adventures     were  in running mode, with the intent of bringing myself to a peaceful place in America.    And now, my peaceful place is at home, and I love that so much.     Some of the adventures were for the sheer adventure of it, and some where family gatherings and family get togethers.   Many times, I would take some of the kid and or the grandkids and go camping, or go to some wildlife places, sanctuaries in the USA.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been camping so I believe it is about time  for (next year or the year after  2019 or 2020 ) that I take the tent out and plan a camping adventure, probably in the state of New York.     But that’s a long time off.

It’s cold outside and it’s raining, a good time to enjoy the indoors.

I am so grateful to God for the most wonderful things that He has brought into my life…

ARTFROMPERRY2018-03-18 at 10.09.21 AM

That’s one of our beautiful roses.    It usually is on a plant that gives only one perfect rose each season.


Next time ,  “happy adventures”  .

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