Good Memory….Keep it Forward …12/2018

Remember, you are not in this alone.      Yes, you are a person, a human, but you don’t have to live life as if you are alone.     There’s always  more than one person with you  —  even if you don’t realize it.      The Person who was there for you the very moment you were born,  wait, even before you were born.  The beautiful God who created you with  a specific purpose in mind….    and then there’s me and your other friends.     

Even there, even today, you have many people who love you and care about you.   Yes, I get it that lots of people, around this time of year, especially, don’t appear to have time and everyone is rushing around trying to beat the clock.  But even so, there are so many people who love you and care about you.

So pause.

Just pause.    Stop all the hurried stuff just for a few moments and remember what you’ve already been through, what you’ve already accomplished and try to envision your upcoming future — which will be — if you just have more patience— that’s ahead of you.   You don’t see it now.  You might not feel it now, but guaranteed it’s there and it’s going to be way better for you ….. yes it will!   So keep on keeping on….

Smile, it’ll be okay.

Smile, your best time is here ahead of you.

Smile …and feel the smile.  That’s the smile of you knowing, remembering that the future will be fulfilling your dreams, getting to your goals ..slowly but surely.
Just keep on keeping on.


Really, I’m not joking!


I’ve been through some pretty horrible times, sometimes even pretty horrible decades… but then, just because I believed, just because I keep on keeping on..and keep on putting one foot forward towards my goals, and I keep on praying… with the help of the God of peace, I’ve been able to say that He has answered  my prayers…yes, in His time but He has indeed answered my prayers.

And that’s all you need is a God  Who hears you and Who does answer prayers.

The key is to believe , believe today and believe every day.

And keep on keeping on..

Peace for your journey

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and very happy Holy Days.