Taking Photographs …the hobby …

Just for fun, I’m making a post about taking photographs and including some of the sites that  I have some photographs on, including the silly site of my cellular phone..

words artfromperry

Just because,  I put some photographs here ,

Some of my photographs are in one of my personal scrapbooks…  tiny photographs marking time in a life ..   I love the owl picture …he’s so sweet .   I took that close up in Long Island, NY (USA).  The September 11th memorial is in Brooklyn, New York in Coney Island (USA) , and the   field photograph is taken at the Pow-wow in queens, NY (USA) .

From the scrapbook all photos copyrighted

more photos    there …

The three photographs ( white frames) hanging  (kind of a blue theme but I called this “windows”  .    In this exhibit, the first  is taken in Sleepy Hollow, NY and the next 2 photos I took in  Staten Island, New York  (USA)   . The other photos on the wall  are from other photographers.

Some of the gallery 2016
On gallery artfromperry three white framed photographs on exhibit

more photos there ….

And yes, of course,  I like to do  different things when I take pictures of the moon.    This is the original picture  – not photoshopped.   The hook was really there in the picture.   It is a branch that is hanging down from a tree that is in my neighborhood.

moonhook artfromperry
hook moon portrait

more photos to follow there

I like to make posters with my photographs, like this one below.    I took this one in quite  a weak moment.  Sometimes taking photographs and making posters helps me to regain strength, to put more healing into my space of mind.      Sometimes taking photographs and making them into posters gives my voice a louder sound – at least, to me.


Yes,  Virginia,   I have much to say but I refrain.     My picture words are so much more effective than most of my mechanical typewritten words.

more photographs there …

well, I began thinking that I’d post some of my sites here  but  , life happens,  that’s for another time ,  meanwhile, I’ll leave this here for a bit and be back some other time.

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If, that’s if, you have a favorite photo here in this entry, tell me which one it is. ..

I have my own favorites but I like hearing your opinion..