A Night in the Forest….

Decades ago,   –  


 Notes on  “solo night in the forest”  

A bunch of us (about eleven of us) hiked into the forest in  North Carolina,  

This was teamwork.    Some lead through the trail; others followed.   And then we changed places.    Hiked, walked, stopped, prepared tents, and some joined into the ‘ropes course’.   Others hiked up the mountain, (‘rock scaling’ )  I called it mountain climbing since I’d never done  things like this.    And then, solo night… 

Solo night in the forest …    So there’s this branch and I hung my jacket and some things on the branch.    Yes,  I knew  how to build my tent from scratch — with the tarps, string, stones and things but on solo night – this was my choice.    I had waited all week just to be able to  ‘sleep under the stars’.     The weather was good, a little chilly but still good.     Before this, I had never had the opportunity to sleep under the stars with nothing above my head… and  then,  ahh,  anticipation for solo night on the forest trip.  

Pisgah Forrest Asheville, North Carolina November 2000
in the FOREST artfromperry