Of course, you and I probably think of something different when the word, “adventure” pops into our vocabulary.     Sometimes an adventure can be something daring and other times an adventure can be something like a wandering trip through six or seven states in a week…and yet other times, an adventure can mean just looking at a hundred butterflies on a flowering bush.

In this case, the adventure of the month is silly and quick snapshots though Washington, DC… past not through the zoo (It was closed), past the newly-formed crowds of people, through the city, stopping here or there.

we saw bits of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, DC and some other bits of our beautiful nation.   My grandson and I took pictures here and there.   The city Was vastly overcrowded that day.   Every hotel was booked; every single campsite was booked.  Every bit of blank space was filled.

The original plan was to spend two nights at a reserved camping site inside of a National Park that has campsites.   However, once there, I saw that it didn’t feel safe for us to camp out there, (long story).     Plan  B — which wasn’t planned for,  something different, yet still, we did get to see a few other states in the journey.

Anyways, an unrelated photograph just to end this entry.

In this slideshow below, I placed pictures that I took on other adventures with my some of my grandchildren and with some of my kids.       I don’t usually pit put pictures of my kids or grandkids into the posts because I’m not big on the privacy issues of websites.    One of my granddaughters took the picture that holds the  2 tiny polaroid pictures of the trees.    Those polaroid cameras are so cool and the pictures are adorable.     Pictures follow.

The picture of the Kutztown tickets are symbolic of the so-many times our family has taken a trip to that very cool Kutztown festival.   The first time we travelled there was back in the seventies.    Been to that town, probably, about three or four times.    Highly recommended — the Kutztown Festival.     It happens in July, usually somewhere near or around the fourth of July.   Other pictures in the slide show are from Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Syracuse (New York State), Sag Harbor (Long Island),  Staten Island,  the Hamptons, and Asheville, North Carolina  in the United States of America.     In between those, and not shown here, one of my sons and I took a trip to Brattleboro, Vermont,   and at another time to  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to visit the largest independent book store in America.

Thankfully, most of the trips were in summer, spring or fall, with the exception of the solo North Carolina one.

The Amtrak   adventures —    Been to Washington, DC, three of four times over the decades, all by Amtrak, and the trip to North Carolina  – another Amtrak adventure.

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The sand steps are from the Beachfest in Staten Island, NY.        I took that on as an individual photojournalistic day-adventure.   The steps are from one of the large sand-sculptures that   was on the beach that day.

And another not pictured,  for a few years in a row, we met at the Chili Pepper Fiesta, in Brooklyn, New York…   That festival is really cool.    (pictures another time).

One does not need a lot of money, nor a hotel, to have an adventure….in these United States of America.

what is your favorite adventure?


Seriously, what is your favorite adventure?