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Cherish the Baby …


Besides seeing a man in a block of ice (one of my other entries), another thing that you can and do find throughout our magnificent state is the heart of the city,  the real ‘heart’.       I’m not talking about the malls, or the skyscrapers and I am not talking about the monuments or the museums, but the true heart of our city which always remains in the heart of our people.

This little baby nightgown is hanging in one of our churches.    And right near that gown, right there is a cradle.     (Though I took this picture a while back, I’m guessing the clothing is still there, and the cradle is still there).

In these winter months, and yes, even in the   warmer months, the baby clothes and the cradle welcome anyone who needed (some needed) to put the baby there, in the warmth of the church, inside, indoors — instead of leaving a baby outdoors.

Decades ago, there was a spurt of time when our sanitation guys and other people were finding babies, dying or dead, outdoors in the dead of icy-cold winter.   And then some began offering safe spaces to ‘turn a baby in’ – without getting into trouble, without harming the innocent child.


If anyone reading this is in that position where they think that they can not keep their baby, our heartful, hopeful city wishes and hopes and dreams that you think of the baby — first.   Think of the baby first — no matter what  you are going through.  And, indeed, if you think that you must leave the baby, please, please leave the baby indoors.      Do not leave that baby outdoors in this bitter cold winter season.     And if you go to a place to leave your baby, ring the doorbell and let someone know that you are leaving the baby.

Think of the baby , first.

This entry is not suggesting that anyone leave any baby anywhere yet I am suggesting that no matter what  you do in your life — please think of the innocent baby first.  Put your own problems aside and put that baby infant — first.

Do not ever, ever leave a baby or a child outdoors in any city, anywhere.   You know that you and that child are a child of the King….and both of you deserve so much more than that.     The first baby King… did not live on the street by Himself. … and neither should you or yours.

I hope and pray that in this season of hope that the people in our world begin to put the babies first…. now…and always .

I  N  D  O  O  R  S  ….



  I    n    d    o    o    r    s   …

Please…. keep the children indoors… protect the children…