Humans on Ice ….Manhattan Style


Really?    In a block of ice?  Really?

Yes, really.

In Manhattan, in  New York,  in the

United States of America,  there in the midst of it all, is this guy who decided to make the headlines by encasing himself in a huge, block of ice.

Picture follows …


david6 am

Knowing me, I took this one either with a point and shoot or another camera.  It was so long ago.

So, I travelled to New York City (or as some might say, “Manhattan”), to see, for myself, seriously —  was this guy really living in a block of ice right in the middle of Manhattan?        Okay, so at the time, I found it almost impossible to travel by train or by some busses.    Most likely I took the bike over the bridge and then to Manhattan.

And there to my great surprise, was a line of people, including Santa Claus and the ‘baby’  new  year guy (in costume), waiting in line to see this guy in the block of ice.   Yes, I know his name.   Yes, I know who he was and is.

He is some kind of a magician who was staying in the news by doing fantastic or unusual (for human beings).


I arrived there at around 6 AM, and was totally surprised to see such a crowd out there at that time of day, but then, that’s Manhattan.   Manhattan is basically a 24/7 city here nobody sleeps.    I remember taking pictures of the crowd but I don’t have them here.   Yes, I get it, that’s a bad photo.  But hey, life happens and then you move on.