Cellular Phone Butterfly


So, as I rode down the road,  I spotted this little guy.   I stopped the bike and got off the bike to watch for a fe w seconds.   with a point and shoot camera, I took this picture .     while going up the tree backwards, he carried this entire loaf of bread up the tree. 

And yes, I  see the picture is small — and that’s on purpose. 



I took this bird picture prior to 2010.   I just happened to like this cool bird of prey.

You can make the bars of the cage disappear by using the camera features or you can do it by simply putting the lens through the cage, or you can do it by using some photo-editing program.      I don’t do technical stuff because it’s too much work for me and I take pictures for fun, not for work.     I see, and I take a picture.

Though I don’t like to use photo-editing programs I do like to crop photos.   In the past, as I processed photos in the darkroom (usually black and white photographs), I used tools like burning in and dodging.  (Not sure if I am remembering the correct terms but that’s  all I have at this time).

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I like taking pictures.

The last 2 pictures are on my pages at  you pic.com   wherever I post, the pictures are taken either by a cellular phone, a video camera or an SLR or a DSLR .    I like using a cellular phone the best simply because it’s always handy and easy to carry around.