Part Three * The Innocent Turpins .. Holidays

Where was God in those harsh, hard, and almost unbearable moments of time? 

Right there.

Yes, I’ll repeat that.   The God of peace was right there.   He was right there in every single moment.   And yet, you say, well, how is that possible?  How can a real God , a  God of Peace really be right there and allow that to happen to all of those beautiful children?  Yea, right.

Yea.  Right!

If you had a good earthly father, then you know that when you were a child, you did get hurt.   Perhaps you had accidents, horrible accidents.  Perhaps you had loss, maybe many losses.       Was your guardian able to stop those losses before they happened ?  Probably not.   But does that mean that the guardian was happy for your loss?   Or does that mean that your guardian aided the loss.   No.    What happened happened due to the free will  (God’s gift to everyone).

EVERY person in this world has free will and that is where the evil comes in.   With free will, we, as human beings, are often subject to  and often feel the consequences of other people’s free will.    What they do might affect us.   And when they do something that negatively affects us, humans tend to blame God.    And yet, when humans do something that positively or wonderfully affects them, usually, they give credit to other human beings.    Seriously?    You can’t have it both ways.  Which is it?

Ooops..  I really have to get back to my original topic  and that is  the holidays for the  innocent Turpins.

Holidays… Holy Days..

I’m figuring, by now, the innocent Turpins are finally experiencing some of what real holidays are supposed to be like. … free… well, free as they can be , considering their circumstances.    And probably all those around them are doing their best to help and to create a great and warm and safe holiday atmosphere for the Turpins.

Imagine… peace. .

Yes, hoping by now, that the innocent Turpins have experienced one of the most beautiful gifts that God gives us on this earth, and that is peace..

Peaceful days..  peaceful holidays..

just peace..

You know,  when you have peace in your spirit and peace in your heart, you really don’t need any other gifts…at all.

That’s how powerful peace is.          The holidays.. should be a time of celebration, of wonder, of joy, of peace, of love, of connections, and of everything wonderful that one can imagine….and more .. peace.    That’s what holidays are supposed to be like.

And after the innocent Turpins had spend most of their holidays in almost agony, in fear, perhaps in disasters.. finally,  they are in a space where the biggest gift is theirs.. the gift of peace..

Are your holidays going to be filled with peace?

What will you choose to celebrate your own holidays and or Holy Days; will you choose peace or will you choose what all the television commercials are spouting at you?

Will you remember the birth of Jesus Christ?

In the middle of all your running around, trying to beat the sales, trying to beat the clock, and in the midst of all your everything, pause.

Pause just for a few moments.. and experience what peace is.         Prayer changes everything… and eventually,  for the better.

Choose prayer.

Choose peace.

And so, once again, I go off topic a bit.    Perhaps because this is my holiday conversation with you… just here to remind you.. please ..

choose peace.