Helping Your Short-Term Memory

My brain holds just so much, same way as a computer holds just so much.    Since the car accident, my brain tends to hold less than it used to hold.     And so, I use some tools to help me along the way.   Today, I’m sharing some tools that help(ed) me.  If you are interested in learning, continue reading.    If you are interested in sharing ideas, kindly leave a note.    So, probably one of the tools that I use most is

space.   That’s right.   I use space to help me.    An example, most people can make a long to-do list.  For me, I take a small card and I’ll write one or 2 things on it.  That is it.  My ordinary, regular ‘to do’ list consists only of  1 or 2 things.    On a busy or hectic day, perhaps during the holidays, I might keep it at one thing.   That works for me. 

Another tool I use to help is color.      Having different colors (for pages or for folders or for notebooks) helps me differentiate more quickly than if all the folders are one color.

One of the most helpful tools that I have is my watch.   Using a watch helps me not take the phone out every time I need to see what time it is.  And then there’s the calendar screen.


Another very important tool is the smart phone or the ‘droid phone’.   The phone is like a mini-computer.    This one tool holds the schedules, pictures, videos, phone books, maps, timers,  and more .     It’s the best thing to use to keep notes .

There’s more but that’s it for today on helpful tools