Beginner’s Veggie Garden…

Yes, you can plant tomatoes.  And yes, you can have cute little tomato plants, even in cold weather , even indoors. 

Try this:

Take a planter full of dirt or a mug of dirt.   Take your tomato – after you cut it in half.  You can eat half of the tomato and take the other half and plant it in the dirt.   Give it lots of light, sun, and some water  and great drainage.



(Place a coffee filter in the bottom of the planter to cover the hole in the planter.   The coffee filter will prevent all the dirt from washing out of the planter hole when you  water the dirt).

If you live in a cold place, cover the thing with plastic (like a mini-greenhouse), and water it with warm or hot water.   Use filtered water for really natural plants.

ALL of the tomatoes in this entry where grown in home gardens.    None of the tomatoes on this page were purchased.

Some are of my friend’s plants and others are of my own mini-plants that were raised outdoors in a small garden, in a flower pot .


If you plant outdoors, use a hose that has no lead in it.   Go organic.  Do not use chemicals in your garden or in your planters.
That’s a beginning  on tomatoes 101.