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To the Innocent Turpins..young and old..

It is the Christmas season and there are thirteen kids (some adults), who are walking around town, wondering..

The kids are the Turpins, and some of the ‘kids’ are adults — chronologically– yet,  they are still kids in terms of what they were taught, not taught and exposed to and according to how they were kept captured and brainwashed throughout most of their lives.

The adults are kids and ironically, the kids are adults.      The adults (who were held captive) never had what a real childhood is supposed to be like.   And the kids, never were fully allowed to be ‘kids’ when they were chronologically kids.  That alone, is confusing enough in anyone’s life.

You know, in the age-old (true) story of the Bible, there’s a place in there that states that God turns everything around for good and that God is always here for us.   And I believe that’s true.   Yet, society might wonder, and maybe some of the Turpin kids might even wonder, but where was God when they were being held captive and being tormented and tortured, exactly where was God?      Some know, some guess and others don’t care.  After all, the past is the past right?    Right, only except when the past tries to barge into a child’s or an adult’s present moment.

Where was God during those years?    And where was God on the days that none of the Turpins escaped?   Where was God on the days when those  disgusting excuses for ‘parents’ were abusing their own children?

I know where God was.   Do you?

There’s so much more to this entry, yet, it’s not typed here yet.

Oh, by the way, yes, yes, yes, I surely believe in God, now and forever, always.

This entry will be completed sometime in December 2018 or in January 2019.

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