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Part Two * To The Innocent Turpins …

Turpin Holidays….

Ahh, once the heroine escaped and got help for the rest of the family, slowly, very slowly, probably almost microscopically slowly, things began to change for the better.     Why slowly?  The average person might think  that the change was instant.    After all, being taken, escaping, getting away from the absurd-abusers, must give one instant change right?  Yes, the change was instant.       Their living quarters, arrangements changed, the food that they were offered changed, and lots of other things changed —

    ..though, not all changes would be considered ‘for the better’ to the  still-captive Turpin kids.     After all, weren’t they still prisoners?  Yes.

Even in their freedom, they remained prisoners, yes, but happier prisoners, yet, but still tormented prisoners.   Perhaps they were still prisoners in their new clothes, reading their new books, eating their new food yet they still weren’t free of control.

It’s kind of like when we, as a society rescue puppies from a puppy mill.   (NOT COMPARING kids to animals but comparing the rescues) .   The puppies are thrilled, scared but thrilled that their heroes came to get them from the cages.     And yet, the puppies still weren’t free to be what  puppies are supposed to be.   So, they still had many restrictions.   They weren’t free to run outside in the snow; they weren’t free to be free of pain (they were given vaccinations etc etc).

And so, neither were the innocent Turpins free when they were rescued.   What they were was “safe” , hopefully,   “safe” from further abuse, safe from further torture, safe from the perps who ruined that part of their lives.    The Turpins were finally safe.

But, back to the present day and to the topic of the holidays and or Holy Days..

I guess back to my original question,  “Where was God when the children were put into chains? Where was God when the children were deprived of food, deprived of privacy, deprived of freedom, deprived of their relatives, and deprived of everything these  that they were entitled to , as human beings.  Where was God then, during those times?

Do you, whether you are a believer or an atheist or an agnostic, do you believe that God wasn’t right there at those moments?     And if so why?

Or, do you believe, as I believe, that God was right there, right there in those moments, in every moment, in every moment of torment and of torture, and in every moment of captivity, do you believe that?  And if so, why?  Or quite possibly, how?   How is this possible ?

Is the answer, as the song says, “Blowing in the Wind”?

Space there, below for your answers to those questions if you will, and also, perhaps if you have time to add your own comments, your own ideas, to this entry.

These lines signify the end of Part Two … This is the end of this entry and this entry will be completed , or rather added on to in a short while.