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Up On The Hill…

There was this huge building.   It looks like a church.  And there were more buildings around, that big building.  Seems I was in the city center of a very large city but the city that was surrounded by water, an island.

artfromperry copyrighted.jpegARTFROMPERRY2018-03-18 at 10.12.32 AMartfromperry copyrighted.jpeg

And, so this is also why I love photography because it retains the memory of my craft items as they are in the process of being finished.    Of course, due to life circumstances, this one was never quite finished.

Yet, I still have plans for this one.    I’m going to paint over the pears in different colors, and then after that I am going to re-do the wording in a pretty calligraphy-style printing.    And of course, I will coat the whole thing, when I’m finished, with some kind of super-gloss and add some other finishing touches to it.  Presently I am debating about adding an interesting small wooden frame around it right onto the canvas area.   Building a small wooden frame, and gluing it onto the edges of the canvas.   Sometimes, just sometimes, I like to use recycled items to do some art work.  This one is made up almost completely of recycled items, beginning with the small canvas box-type framework.

ARTFROMPERRY2018-03-18 at 10.09.21 AM

And, though there were beautiful  flowers in the area, this particular flower was not there but was somewhere else.       I took this picture of our pink rose – right out in our front garden.    We have many rose bushes, some small, some larger.   And this particular beautiful pink rose was in the front yard.  Some years we get flowers on that plant but other years, surprisingly, the flowers seem to shy away from the plant and they just aren’t  around.   I love photography because it brings a memory right back to you, instantly , almost exactly as the memory was originally.

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