I.T.P. Can you guess?

Photography is my chosen hobby.      Decades ago, I got seriously interested in taking pictures because my Dad gave a Polaroid camera to me.   I was about nine or ten years old and I loved that camera.    To this day, I still have some of the first pictures that I took with that camera (that’s for another entry).

Meanwhile, today I’ll share some other pictures. Here’s one.


Description of the picture above?     I took that picture inside a beautiful, old theatre in Pennsylvania, USA.       This was a sculpture that was hanging on one of the walls inside the theatre.     The whole place had been restored and it looked as it looked decades before.   The picture below is another that I took inside the theatre.   Just as I was coming out of the theatre, I saw all these beautiful  mirrors and I couldn’t resist taking this picture.   This is one in a huge series of old movie theatre pictures.  It was probably about four years ago, or so that I took these photographs.

Inside the Roxy 2014

I’m going to post a few more photographs in another entry.   Come with me, on a journey through part of my life.    You might have been to some of these places , or you might not have come there.  Either way, enjoy the photographs.

More photos of different places inside the United States of America will be posted shortly, this week or next week.