Can You Move An Ancient?

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Can you move an old plant, one that was living in one place for ten or more years, to a different place — and still have it survive?

Yes, you can do that, as long as you do it the right way.    I’m not sure what the right way is but I’ll share with you how I did this to three separate Hydrangea plants.   About more than one year ago, I began by cutting a piece off the plant to see if the piece might live.    That was successful.   I took a cutting of the plant (just in case the main plant died off in the move).   And I planted that cutting in the front yard.

Happy with that, I decided to move the whole plant.     With each plant, I followed the same procedure.

  1. I dug this huge hole  (way bigger than it needed to be).
  2. I made sure that all the roots (of other plants and trees) were cut and removed from the hole.
  3. And, I pre-filled the hole with water, a few times.    I let the water soak in and when the hole was empty, I filled the hole with water again.   Probably about three times later and finally the water stayed in the hole.
  4. And it was in this water-filled hole , that I transplanted a Hydrangea.
  5. I repeated that three more times and when I was finished, I had three separate Hydrangea plants now in the other garden (all transplanted from the backyard garden).

If you are planning on doing this go watch some videos at youtube (I didn’t do that) and do some research on replanting and moving Hydrangeas.

Oh, and I prayed.  Yes, I prayed for the successful replant of my plants and I prayed for God’s will.

Theses plants are beautiful, and now they are were more people can see them, and smile.

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