Are you tempted to get caught up in the  (most) unnatural occupation of the holidays?  Are you tempted to join in the commercialism of the holidays and totally forget the real meaning of what Christmas and what Chanukah and what all of the other true spiritual holidays and Holy Days are really about? 


You are not in this alone.



Try this,  try truly celebrating naturally, in a noncommercial-type way and if you get near thinking commercial again, at least try the small shops and the little companies that are not attached with “black Friday” sales and other  “lose your holiday spirit rush sales” .   Just try that.

  • Go to a book store, enjoy the day and get people you know something great to read.
  • Choose to make some home -baked goods like cookies, and cakes and pies and whatever other kind of holiday-food-celebration you can think of.  Make chocolate lollipops.
  • Stick to gift certificates — specialized and they can spend their gift money after the holidays when the prices are marked down considerably.  Beat the stores at their own  ‘holiday’ games.
  • Give the gift of television tickets.    Yes, television show tickets are free.    Arrange ahead of time and get some tickets for your friends to their favorite television shows that are taped in your city.
  • Make a personalized cd or dvd filled with music or with photo memories or anything personalized.
  • Plants,  cut some plants from your backyard and place them in containers or in vases.
  • Write something wonderful!     For real, write a short story, a short novel, a bulletin  or a newsletter special for that person.
  • At the beginning of this year, join a class of craft-making and begin making next year’s gifts in class.   Yes, you can do it!
  • Make a personalized video for your gift recipient.

There are so many homemade and home-grown gift ideas that are so special and they are so totally against the huge-commerialism that most of the huge corporations want us to participate in.

Leave your own ideas here if your idea isn’t in this list.



and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!